Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Little Place We Call Home

This summer my husband and I moved into this quaint little home in Sugar House. 
We love everything about. It is a perfect size for our family of three. 

I have really enjoyed putting everything together. Although I still have a lot of ideas and more things I want to do I have to constantly remind myself we are on a budget and our main goal is to get my husband through school and make sure he graduates debt free! 

Our living room:

I decided I wanted the warmth and welcome of traditional design and the clean, simple lines of contemporary style. So that is why I decorated my living room in a transitional style which seems to create a perfect harmony. 

Owen's Room:

For Owen's room I did a very traditional style. To be honest this is not my dream room for him but because most of the furniture was either free or from KSL I was able to make do with the resources I had:)

Master Bedroom:

This is an E-Board I created of my plans for our bedroom.

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