Monday, September 30, 2013

Oh Gold how I Love You

I should have taken a before and after shot but like always I get so excited to fix up what ever it is I buy the way I want that I fail to think of taking a before picture.
I have been wanting a set of two lamps for a while and surprisingly lamps are more on the expensive side. So I have been faithfully looking at the DI and KSL for used lamps that I could just fix up. Well finally I found these beauties on KSL for $10! What a steal. They were brown so I brought them back to life using gold spray paint and a clear coat. The most expensive part ended up being the lamps shades which were not too bad- Walmart for $30 for both (I tried target but they didn't have the texture I was looking for so Walmart did the trick, and I normally am not a Walmart shopper.) Total spent- $50.00 not bad for two lamps!

Here is the end result: 

I also did a little update on my living room- 

Oh and did I mention I upholstered the accent chairs!? I have not blogged about that but will soon:)
That is all for today! 


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